Intermezzo Arts Endowment Presents: Gemma Bond Dance at the Joyce Theatre July 25-26th

This year Gemma Bond takes further steps in her career as a choreographer, as she teams up with INTERMEZZO DANCE, to present two evenings of new work this coming summer. Gemma Bond Dance has been invited by THE JOYCE THEATER  to take part in their Ballet Festival 2017.

We would like to invite you into our community of artists that are currently collaborating with Ms Bond for the upcoming performances at The Joyce.

The Dancers:
Cory Stearns
James Whiteside
Skylar Brandt
Thomas Forster
Christine Shevchenko
Devon Teuscher
Cassandra Trenary
Alexandra Basmagy
Lauren Post
Jose Sebastian
Katherine Williams
Stephanie Williams

Jennifer Higdon 
Lori Scacco

Costume Designers:
Ruby Canner
Zang Toi
James Whiteside

Visual Artist:
Brendan Fernandes

Gemma Bond Dance will show three works at the Joyce Ballet Festival. The three works in the program examine the connection between the aesthetics of ballet in relation to everyday events.  Bond’s choreography is a study in placing ballet in a less traditional setting—without scenery and without mime. Through dance and important collaborations with other artists, musicians, and designers, the work explores the possibilities of creating art that inspires an emotion to connect with the audience.